Are you hoping to start or grow your family in 2022?

Have you been trying everything to get pregnant?

✔︎ Tracking your cycles

✔︎ Timing Intimacy

✔︎ Eating Clean

✔︎ Taking the Best Supplements

✔︎ Exercising Enough, (but not too much!)

✔︎ Getting all the tests

Maybe you don't know where to turn next & you're ready for a system that works.

If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place.

Join me, Dr. Katie Rose, for a free 60 minute workshop where we will...

✔︎ Discover the biggest barriers to getting pregnant - and identify which one affects YOU (so you can move past it)

✔︎ Create your customized plan that moves you closer to conception

✔︎ Get all your questions answered personally by Dr. Katie Rose so you feel supported in your fertility journey

WHEN: Friday January 7th

12pm MST // 2pm EST

Come into 2022 with calm, confidence and joy in your fertility journey